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Welcome to DVC by Owner!

If you are like most Disney Vacation Club (DVC) owners – you have often wondered why the only easy way to Buy or Sell your membership was through Disney or a reseller. We wondered the same thing.

We did some research and found that some Disney Vacation Club owners (and potential owners) wanted to utilize a “For Sale By Owner” option. After all, selling or buying a DVC by Owner could potentially lead to Buyers paying less and Sellers keeping more. A win-win scenario for everyone involved!

To be clear, we do not want to compete with or eliminate Disney selling direct to consumers, or resale agents helping buyers and sellers find the perfect Disney Vacation Club package. Instead we believe people should have options. The option to buy direct from Disney. The option to sell or buy through a resale agent. And finally the option to buy or sell directly with a private party.

Disney Vacation Club is all about options in vacationing – shouldn’t buying and selling provide you with as many options as possible?

DVC Owners also wanted...

Low Cost Listings. We are pleased that all of our listings are free.

Easy to List. No major application or forms. Just a few clicks and your listing is live for the world to see.

Easy to Search. We made the listing simple! Only the most important information is displayed in the title line.

Privacy. When you list your property, no one will know your email address. That way, you won’t get spam and when you are done selling, you can delete the ad and not receive any more emails.

Quantity, Selection, and Liquidity. We knew we couldn’t control how many people visited our site, but we knew if we made it free, easy to list, and easy to search, and protected privacy, people would come. Welcome home!


We also added a few other features which we feel will be beneficial to DVC Owners and those researching the Disney Vacation Club family.

DVC Market Value ™ - A unique tool that helps you know the approximate value for any DVC Property

DVC for Free ™ - Enjoy Disney Vacation Club FREE for life

Disney Vacation Club Point Rentals

Tons of information on Buying, Selling, Renting, the actual Properties, Point Charts, & Disney Cruises

A Blog to help keep up with current Disney Vacation Club and general Disney news

If you’re wondering what the catch is – stop wondering. There‚Äôs no catch!


If you are interested in helping our site, please consider the following:

Take a moment to share our website with anyone you know who may be interested in Disney Vacation Club or Disney in general. Send a few emails, mention it at Disney with other member, post information on message boards, forums, and blogs.

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Enjoy the site – and let us know your thoughts. Feedback is appreciated!


Founder, DVC By Owner

This site is not affiliated in any way with the Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. All information is deemed correct, but not warranted.

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