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Disney Vacation Club Rentals

Many people do not know that you can rent Disney vacation Club points as a way to get great deals on hotels at Disneyworld. It’s true! Renting points is almost always cheaper than paying the rack rate Disney charges for their hotels on the property – plus you get some perks as a DVC member!

The process is fairly simple.

If you are interested in renting points from a DVC member, the first step is to research the properties and decide where you would like to stay. Then, decide on some potential travel dates.

Once you have done this, you can view the listing of points available for rent. See if any of them meet your specific needs for how many points you need, and if you are traveling before they expire. You do not need to rent points where you would like to stay, as all points works at all DVC properties. If you are renting points at a specific property, you can make a reservation at that property 11 months in advance. You can make reservations at all the other DVC properties 7 months in advance.

Once you have found a listing that meets your needs, and you have made contact and agreed to terms, it is time to make your reservation.

Prior to making the reservation many DVC members will have you complete a contract with all of the terms of the agreement. We highly recommend that both parties sign a clearly spelled out agreement so there are no questions or concerns later. We cannot provide an agreement, but many of the forums on the web have nice folks who will share a blank contract.

Making the reservation usually requires a 3 way call between Disney, the DVC member, and the Renter. They are open weekdays during regular business hours. Before calling have the names and ages (of minors) of everyone in the room. Also have your mailing address handy. And you should also know if you would like to add the Magical Express or Disney Dining to your reservation. A confirmation follows a few weeks later.

Many DVC members require payment in full at time of reservation and have a no refund policy. This is because it is a very complex process and it is not easy or even possible to cancel a reservation sometimes. Obviously, this puts the person renting points at some risk so please do your due diligence before signing anything or sending payment. You may want to use Paypal and your Credit card, so you have the maximum amount of recourse if something goes wrong.

As a DVC member this may all prove to be too inconvenient, risky, or time consuming for you to handle yourself. As a person renting the points, you may feel stressed completing your reservation this way. If so – consider using a Point Broker like David at http://www.dvcrequest.com Basically David is a DVC member who works helping other DVC members rent points to vacationing families. He has a well established site, has been in business for a while, and has a ton of very happy customers. He takes care of everything from making the reservations, to collecting payment, to making sure both sides are protected in the process.

You will likely pay more to rent points from him ($14 per point) and as a DVC member he will only pay $11 per point – you can probably make a $1 or $2 more on your own.

I encourage everyone to carefully consider the pros and cons of renting Disney Vacation Club points buy owner or through a Broker like David. By the way, there may be other point brokers out there, but I have not found any – please let me know if you locate any.

This site is not affiliated in any way with the Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. All information is deemed correct, but not warranted.

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